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Cop Hater. Ed Mcbain

Cop Hater

ISBN: 9781451623239 | 274 pages | 7 Mb

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Cop Hater Ed Mcbain
Publisher: Pocket Books

Before I discuss the book, I want to clarify that the edition pictured on my blog is not the edition I read. Ed McBain's first 87th Precinct novel, a paperback original first edition. Based on the first novel in Ed McBain's police detective 87th precinct series, Cop Hater is a police procedural tale of summer violence in New York City as police seek a cop killer. I have a 1989 edition of his first 87th Precinct novel, Cop Hater, and he writes a new introduction. Stars Robert Loggia and Gerald S. A run-in between a skateboarder and a police officer left the skateboarder flat on his back.And the whole thing was caught on tape. Ed McBain ??? Cop hater Over the last twenty years I have read quite a few books about Steve Carella and his colleagues in the 87th precinct. Cop Hater is a make-believe police fantasy film from 1958, based on the samely-named Ed McBain novel from 1956, apparently based on the make-believe police procedural show Dragnet. Any cop could be the next victim. Shame on mayor who thinks a lecture is enough for officer in puppy-death traffic incident. I would also like to remind the ???Cop haters??? that a very large portion of cops are preppers in the truest form. He remembers that in 1956 he looked at the landscape of crime fiction and saw a hole, a blank spot. Since I'm a mystery fan who starts at the beginning of a series, I picked up Cop Hater, the first 87th Precinct Mystery. They see the STUPID every day and they see exactly what this society is headed towards. Every cop was out to kill the??? COP HATER.

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